Wednesday, January 20, 2010

City Fringe - Beach

Blurred transitional space - The volume being broken down and further striated
Lack of demarcation, access or termination – The present boundary of sand and water is broken down and this demarcation becomes evident when people inhabit the space. The access becomes free depending on the position of the installation, its scale and the position
Utilization and occupancy – The installation creates a sub-enclosure, a blurred version of a small scaled beach in itself, for people to inhabit. Therefore indirect occupancy and utilization
Confluence of sea/land – striation leads to a two way connect between the two elements and the confluence is further blurred and broken down when and where the installation is placed
Invention of program – A small pool becomes the program. The surrounding precincts can be vital in adding to the conditions in the pool – leisure activities. Extension of the land into the sea creates a new condition to inhabit. The pool forms this more natural, cohesive and interactive setting. It responds to the forces of nature, relates to the sea and sand through an intervention and acts according to the changing force conditions.


  1. The cove-like formations along the beach is still not very clear in the diagram.

    Can you also please upload the pictures of the study models along with a brief description of the installation.

  2. The post - Process of Aggregation/Installation Formation, highlights in detail the cove-like formations